Acne and hyperpigmentation skincare solutions for the grown women who get it

  • Day 1: PM - overnight

    Day 2: PM - overnight

    Day 3: PM - overnight

    Day 4: PM - overnight

  • Day 1: PM - 3 min 

    Day 2: PM - overnight 

  • Day 1: AM & PM- 3 min 

    Day 2: AM & PM- 3 min 

    Day 3: AM- 3 min 

  • Results will vary.


Will I get a dark spot after using patch?

It depends. If you are prone to hyperpigmentation from acne, you may end up with a dark spot. However, the appearance of that dark spot will be less intense.

How 'Ice Me Out' helps acne heal better

Will my acne be gone in 3 minutes?

No. It takes 3 minutes for the microneedles to completely detach from the base, but healing acne still requires time and a dash of patience.

Why a 3-minute delivery system?

Time is of the essence. Longer times can increase the risk of damage to your skin. Ice Me Out microneedle acne patches dissolves in only 3 minutes.

How many patches should I buy?

Stay ready! We always recommend getting a little more than what you need. Our acne patches sell fast.

If you get: 

1-2 pimples per month, you should buy 8 patches  

3-5 pimples per month, you should buy 16 + more patches 

6-9 pimples per month, you should buy 24 + more patches


[That’s What She Said]

  • Tamara W. said "poof be, gone!"

    I tried the pimple patch for five days, and I was thoroughly impressed. My pimple began to noticeably shrink in size in just...Read More

  • Toriea M. said “The game changer I didn’t know I needed until I tried it”

    Although I don’t suffer from adult acne, I get occasional breakouts, especially under-the-skin pimples...Read More

  • Zakiya J. said ​​"minimal hyperpigmentation"

    The acne patches are easy to use and quickly alleviated my breakouts, leaving me with minimal hyperpigmentation...Read More




We are an accessible luxury skincare brand, bringing you innovative products with a dash of hot girl flair. 

Our why is simple. Rich should be a quality, not a barrier. Women of color deserve representation and nice things too.


Frustrated by high prices and poor acne solutions, our founder decided that Black women deserve better. Born from hard work and passion, she got to work and created GRWN Skincare. A brand that caters to the unbothered self-care enthusiasts that appreciate the finer things in life. Made for women of color by a woman of color.

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