Acne heals better with our microneedle acne patches

I don’t know what’s worse, acne or the hyperpigmentation that follows. In my past life, I was a serial pimple popper and would be left with dark spots like this: 

How acne heals without using our microneedle acne patches


While doing nothing is definitely a better alternative to popping pimples, using microneedle acne patches is the ultimate game changer.  

GRWN Skincare’s ICE ME OUT microneedle acne patches reduce inflammation and aid in faster healing from acne so the severity and size of your post-acne marks are less intense. 

Recently, I woke up with an under-the-skin “blind” pimple after a chemical peel treatment. Typically, our patches only require a three minute application. However, since I knew this pimple would be a bit more stubborn, I applied the patch in the evening and left it on overnight. I did this for four consecutive nights. By leaving the patch on overnight, I was able to protect the pimple. The added bonus is that my skin was able to absorb the leftover solution from the patch base for added topical benefits.   

Here is my before and after of day 1-4 of using the patches, but I really noticed a difference a few days after completing a series of patches. 


How acne heals after using our microneedle acne patches


You’ll have a peace of mind the next time a pimple pops up now that you’ve added our microneedle acne patches to your skincare routine.




Founder, GRWN Skincare


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