Microneedle acne patch works. The proof is in the progress pics.

Curious about the effectiveness of GRWN Skincare’s ICE ME OUT microneedle acne patches? 

Check out Toriea’s progress.  

GRWN Skincare ICE ME OUT Microneedle acne patch Before and After Photos


Day one and day two, Toriea applied the patch in the morning and at night for three minutes. On day three, she applied it only in the morning for three minutes.

“I started really seeing results 4 to 5 days after completing a series of patches,” Tories says. 

“My under the skin pimple became flat and dark. Eventually, I could tell that it was beginning to heal from deep within. It seems like the microneedles did their job and likely worked better for me versus using a superficial topical treatment.”

In skin of color, acne heals differently. Getting ahead of inflammation helps to reduce the amount of pigment that is deposited into the skin once acne heals. 

Minimize the severity of acne and the marks that follow with Ice Me Out.

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