Rich Bitch Skin: The Story Behind It All

South Africa— that's where my quest for flawless skin started. Surrounded by women with beautiful skin, I wanted in. Searching frantically for a miracle, I found a high-end luxury skincare brand that worked wonders for my skin at the time.

Then the split came. Why we'd break up? Frankly, the cost of shipping a 30 ml serum from South Africa to the United States was almost 3x the cost of what I originally paid. I’m Pre-Rich, NOT rich, rich.  

While the split was bittersweet, it fueled a new quest to find accessible luxury skincare products that worked for my crazy— combination to dry, acne-prone, sensitive AF—skin. So what dream products did I find?? Nada...absolutely nothing that fit the bill, or measured up.

Wealth, Access & Skin

Actually, I take that back. The skincare treats that I did find, were treatments for very rich bitches. (Read: The Secret To Great Skin Is Wealth). And to me, that's just not right, since we all have some idea about the wealth inequality in this country. 

I want all of us to have access to Rich Bitch Skin…Or as Cardi would have put it “Unbothered, moisturized, in my lane, well-hydrated, flourishing” skin, OKURRRR!


Rich should be a quality, not a barrier  

Since 2019, I've been eating, dreaming, and sleeping all things skincare. My journey in a nutshell looks like...1 crazy founder's dream, 4+ years of research, 5 chemists, and 100s of formulation revisions.

This is how GRWN skincare was born and our mission is to bring equality to luxury skincare market. If you're down, subscribe to our email list so you can get first access to products that address and solve your skin woes.


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Alee-Sha Steward, 

Founder GRWN Skincare

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