Frequently Asked Questions 

Will I get a dark spot after using patches?

It depends. If you are prone to hyperpigmentation from acne, you may end up with a dark spot. However, the appearance of that dark spot will be less intense.

How 'Ice Me Out' helps acne heal better


Will my acne be gone in 3 minutes?

No. It takes 3 minutes for the microneedles to completely detach from the base, but healing the acne still requires time and a dash of patience.

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Why a 3-minute delivery system?

Time is of the essence. Longer times can increase the risk of damage to your skin. Ice Me Out microneedle acne patches dissolves in only 3 minutes.


How many patches should I buy?

Stay ready! We always recommend getting a little more than what you need. Our acne patches sell fast.


If you get: 

1-2 pimples per month, you should buy 8 patches  

3-5 pimples per month, you should buy 16 + more patches 

6-9 pimples per month, you should buy 24 + more patches